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Quacking Quackers

Last weekend, my husband and I were walking around the lovely, serene Lake Ginninderra in Canberra’s north. The lake, though man-made (to deal with excess stormwater around the area), is fed by nearby Ginninderra Creek.

The word “ginninderra” is derived from the local indigenous Ngunnawal word, meaning “sparkling” or “throwing little rays of light”. On most days, this is an exceptionally apt name as the lake is also one of my favourite kayaking spots, with pristine glassy water shimmering reflected light from it.

I also love this lake for its abundance of bird life. I enjoy indulging my inner “twitcher” as I strive to spot and name the plethora of species that call the lake their home.

So after strolling along the shores in John Knight Memorial Park, I was delighted to see some mallard ducks paddling the shallows with 6-8 very young, very fluffy, very ADORABLE ducklings. Sharing my delight, was a boy throwing bread to our happy feathered family.

Or so I thought…

As I drew nearer I was horrified to hear a “clack” as the “bread” hit the ground just shy of the shoreline near the ducks.

The little turd was throwing rocks at them!

I clicked my tongue in anger and my husband, sensing my rage, told me to “leave it”.

But I just couldn’t.


What was WRONG with this child?

As a teacher, I just couldn’t let this behaviour go by.

“Hey!” I shouted in my best teacher-voice (I am on holidays after all), “How would you like it if I threw some rocks at you? Stop it and leave them alone.”

He looked at me goggled-eyed and disbelieving and I had a nanosecond where I felt I had gotten through to him.

Until his claque (AKA parents) swooped down from their high horses and began to tell me off for daring to reprimand their precious, darling, little pyscho….I mean, son.

I repeat.


What is WRONG with (some) parents?

How is this ok?
What example are they setting?
Were they simply embarrassed at their lack of supervision and taking it out on me?

So the lesson that kid learned:
Go ahead.
Throw rocks at the ducks.

Don’t listen to what anyone tells you, but most of all…
Don’t worry about being a good human.

I know it’s “just” ducks and I know I’m sounding old but, seriously? How has it come to this? The world has gone quacking quackers!

I struggle to comprehend this entitled, selfish style of clique parenting. We are growing monsters of our youth; indulging and accepting their every whim instead of letting them grow and learn from their mistakes.

I walked away.

My husband turned to me, shook his head sadly, and said, “Told you to leave it.”

p.s. I hope that kid gets seriously swooped during magpie season. The birds will have their day.

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Double Take - 8 January 2022

4 thoughts on “Quacking Quackers”

  1. What.
    F@ck. Indeed!!! I would have done the same. Perhaps tossed a rock at the kid rather than vocalise (making sure no one would see) and not actually hitting him but landing damn close


  2. Oh, I have had an instant like that – but I couldn’t do anything. My job was at stake…
    A young abomination (perhaps 5 years of age) was demanding something of his mother and said; “Do what I want or I’ll tell Dad on you when we get home”…. I could only hope that she got help or escaped.

    Another time a Grandmother who was supposed to be watching her grandchildren were letting them tresspass in the neighbors yards so the children could play at the creek side. One home was mine – I kindly told them to pound sand. The Grandmother came to my home to chew me out! I kept my tempter and told her that if I let her cherubs play in my yard then I’d have to let the world do so. And she basically said ‘Why not’. I said; No not going to happen. She then proceeded to tell my how sorry I’d feel for not letting her children ‘play’. Of course I didn’t think of it until later – she’d have been the first to sue me or any of us if anything happened while (she wasn’t watching) her grandchildren in her care.

    I truly believe anyone considering or so gifted with the care of younger people get lessons first on humanity and kindness. Though I think that won’t happen. If we have to get a licence to drive why not one to parent (or care for others)?


  3. I am seriously hoping and praying that the birds have their revenge! It is just gross and horrid to harm any creature who cannot express or show any resistance. He should throw some stones at a tiger and I’ll watch with delight what happens next!
    You are right, the world is so messed up now. Just the other day I was reading about the horrors met out to street dogs in our city. Some minister’s son purposefully ran over them to kill one of them because they barked at his car. How horrid can people be!!


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