Free Verse, Poetry by Sarah

Keep Your Eye On The Sea

When walking along the beach
Don’t get lost in a reverie
Take it from my experience
And keep your eye on the sea!

Don’t ponder things big and small
Or how beautiful life be
Trust me friend, listen when I say
Keep your eye on the sea!

The ocean’s ever creeping
As sneaky as can be,
So please! Believe me!
Keep your eye on the sea!

That wave may look quite harmless
And far away it may be
But don’t risk it! Don’t get too close!
Keep your eye on the sea!

Because just when you think you’re safe
Thinking, ‘Ha! It won’t get me’
Bam! It’s gone and drenched you!
That bloody bugger, the sea!

So if you value your runners
Or some other expensive accessory
Do yourself a favour,

By 2013 Sarah

Stories by Sarah

Just Like We Planned

A Macbeth Creative Response

‘She should have died hereafter,’ sobbed Ben. His body racked as he cried on my shoulder. The coffin was lowering into the ground. Lower and lower; I stared at it, as if in a trance. Elizabeth’s face, no longer stained with blood; now pale and tranquil instead; disappeared from my sight.

That face! Oh, how I HATED that face! But I didn’t feel any guilt for what I had done. A smirk jerked at the corner of my mouth as I recalled her anguished face, staring into mine. Funny, that anguish was now mirrored in Ben’s face.

‘Come, I’ll take you home,’ I said.

* * * *

The room echoed with laughter, as I began the same dream that shakes me nightly. He was here! I could feel his presence in the room with me. I got out of bed and padded across the room.

‘Natas?’ I called, ‘Natas? I know you’re here. Come, let’s celebrate our victory.’

Oh, how sweet this victory over Elizabeth was! I had finally won!

‘You’ve done well,’ came his dark raspy voice from the corner of the room, ‘but you’re not finished yet’.

Thunder clapped and a streak of lightning flashed wildly across the sky, lighting up the room; showing for one brief instance, his grotesque bulky form, huddled in the corner.

‘But what more am I to do?’ I whined. I was vaguely aware of him moving around, starting to circle me.

There was no reply.

Suddenly, my feet began to burn, and a hot ball of fire beat down on head. Beating down unrelentingly, getting harder and hotter. The mirror on my wall reflected its scorching rays and the glare became so strong, I had to shield my eyes.

Then, as the immense heat was almost unbearable, the mirror shattered and the room began to shake. The ground began to crumble beneath my feet, and images of Ben flew through my head, as I began to fall.

Falling, falling, I waited for the impact and awoke with a jolt, sitting up in bed.

I knew what I had to do.

* * * *

‘I now pronounce you husband and wife,’ beamed the bald priest as Ben slipped the thin gold band on my finger. Although it had only been six weeks since her death, Ben had already forgotten her. As if Elizabeth’s life; her being; was not even worth the memory. Just like Natas and I had planned.

I knew Ben didn’t love me. He would never love anyone as much as he loved Elizabeth. But I would make him love me, even if it was just a little bit. Then I would really make him pay. Just like I made Elizabeth pay. Just like we planned.

‘Morning darling,’ Ben whispered in my ear. His lips met mine in a brief kiss.

‘Morning,’ I replied absently. I was tracing the rim of my coffee cup, hardly aware of what was going on.

Natas had visited me again last night, bringing with him the usual dream. But the dream was getting more and more violent, with each passing night, and though it had never bothered me before, I was frightened.

‘Darling?’ Ben’s voice broke through my thoughts.

I looked up, startled.

‘Sorry. what were you saying?’

‘I was asking whether you were alright. You’re looking exhausted, there are bags under your eyes and you’re not sleeping well at night.’

My heart leapt.

‘What do you mean? I feel fine. I’m sleeping like a baby.’

Could he know about the dream? I immediately dismissed the thought. How could he possibly know?

‘Honestly, I’m fine. Now, can we drop it, please?’

That night, I awoke with a start. But for once, not because of the dream. I had not had the dream tonight. Natas had not come! Puzzled as to why I had woken, I heard a whimpering beside me.

For a moment, I thought it was Natas, but with a shock, I realised it was Ben! Ben was having a bad dream!

Sighing, I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. Ben had plenty more bad dreams to come. It was only a matter of time before I made him pay. Then he would know what a bad dream really was.

‘Morning darling,’ said Ben, as we went through our usual morning routine. But Ben didn’t have many more mornings to come.

His dreams were becoming more and more frequent, where as mine, less often. Natas didn’t have to come and visit me anymore. I knew exactly what I had to do. It would all be over soon. Just one more day. One more day, and Ben and Elizabeth would be no more than a hurtful memory. All the pain and anguish they had caused me, would be gone. They would have paid for what they’d done to me. Just like we planned.

That night, I was up until 12:30am sharpening the knife. What a pity it would be. Ben’s rugged good looks, replaced with his own blood and gore. I hardened myself to the thought, and continued sharpening.

* * * *

‘So thoughtful of you to sharpen the knife for me.’

My eyes popped open as Ben’s voice awoke me.

My mouth opened in horror, as I saw him hovering above me, clutching the knife tightly in his hands.

He looked back over his shoulder and said to a dark form huddled in the corner, ‘Come Natas, we’ll celebrate our victory. We’ll make her pay for what she did to Elizabeth. Just like we planned…’

By Year 11 Sarah

Daily Post Daily Prompt: circleTrance

Scribblings by Sarah

The Ur

I recall a time when my brother and I had to share a room. We’d stay up late into the night whispering stories of nothing and everything to each other. The darkness made funny, threatening shapes out of the furniture. And under the bed, was where The Ur lived.

I don’t know where he’d come from, or why, he was just THERE one day. I had never seen him but he was there under our beds. Waiting for one of us to step down onto the floor so he could grab at our ankles and pull us down into his imaginary world where we did not know what we would become…and we did not want to find out! Maybe he would eat us…keep us as pets…or maybe we’d become nothing.

We were always very careful not to put our feet on the floor until we were out of reach of his gnarled, ugly hand which always seemed to be reaching out at us – even as we huddled together on the bed. You see, the only real safe place was deep, down, under the covers.

Sometimes, we were really brave and one of us would run and turn on the light because we couldn’t stand being in the dark with him any longer.

The Ur haunted our dreams, as well as our nights, and once, during the day, he even rang us up!

I’m not exactly sure what has become of him – he went away years ago. We must have left him behind when we moved house. He might still be there, under the bed, bothering the children who live there now.

Or maybe, he is just lonely.

By Year 11 Sarah

Prompt: Daily Post Daily Prompt, Word: imaginary, brave

Scribblings by Sarah

First blog post

For me,

I have started this blog with the aim of

Rekindling my LOVE of

Storytelling and

Tapping into the creative part of my

Brain. Somehow, I

Lost the joy

Of writing for myself. I’m

Great at helping my students become

Passionate about writing but

Over time, with life, I

Stagnated as an author.

Time to fix that!

By Sarah

Scribblings by Sarah

Old School by Sarah

I found a box of old school assignments today – ranging in age from when I was in Year 8 – Year 12. As I read over the essays and narratives I wrote as a teenager, I couldn’t help but think to myself (with a touch more pride than I’d like to admit), I was a GREAT little author! Let’s hope I can tap into some of that as a 40 year old!

Stay tuned, I may even publish some of them on here…

By Sarah