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B is for Brindabella Ranges

It seems only fitting, after being the inspiration for my theme, that I write about the Brindabella Ranges as my first example of physical beauty.

The Brindabella Ranges lie to the west of Canberra (Australia’s capital city) and are more commonly referred to by locals as the ‘Brindabellas’.

The mountains are a dominant presence on the Canberra skyline and can be seen from most locations in the capital and the surrounding region.

The Brindabellas are a key example of my daily appreciation of physical beauty.

The mountains are a commanding vista during my drive to and from work, and returning home from leisure activities in the city centre.

It never ceases to amaze me; the chameleon-like nature of these hills. The hues that construct a jagged and sliced interruption in the seamless sky, range from blue, navy, purple, violet and grey.

They respond to the caress of the seasons and temperatures – almost like a bruise emerging against the smooth skin of the sky.

The sunsets are truly exquisite. The blue of day, gradually changes to pink and gold, and in summers, a deep, burnt orange. If there are clouds present, a myriad of shapes and pictures pluck at the tips of the mountains.

In these moments, I stop and appreciate the beauty of the Brindabellas; the edge of light.

Photo Credit: Brindabellas

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