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A is for Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

As a teacher, I firmly believe in the education of the “whole” child – not just academic, but social and emotional growth and development as well.

One of the approaches we use at my school is the VIA Character Strengths. You can click on the link, to explore this further, if you are interested.

After undertaking the survey several times over the last few years, I have consistently found my No. 1 Character Strength is “Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence.”

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence:
“I recognise, emotionally experience, and appreciate the beauty around me and the skill of others.”

Those who express an appreciation of beauty and excellence notice and appreciate beauty, excellence and/or skilled performance in all domains of life, from nature to art to mathematics to science to everyday experience.

People high in Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence are responsive to these three types of goodness:

This may include auditory, tactile or abstract. This type of goodness produces awe and wonder in the person experiencing it.

This is often energising, and compels a person to pursue their own goals. It inspires admiration.

Virtuous goodness makes someone want to be better, more loving and creates feelings of elevation.

The VIA icon for Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence is a strength within the virtue category of transcendence, one of six virtues that subcategorise the 24 VIA Character Strengths.

Transcendence describes strengths that help you connect to the larger universe and provide meaning.

The other strengths in Transcendence are appreciation of beauty and excellence , gratitude , hope , humour , and spirituality .

My 2021 A-Z Challenge will explore the concept of physical, virtue and moral beauty with a splash of skill and talent (excellence) hopefully shown by myself through the writing and/or photography I will use to express this beauty.

I hope you can join me along this journey and enjoy my challenge focus for 2021.

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