A-Z Challenge, Challenges by Sarah

Summary: A-Z of Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

Thank you for joining me on my A-Z journey for 2021. I have had a lot of fun sharing things I truly appreciate in my life and hope you have too!

Below I have summarised all the posts for ease of reference should you wish to revisit them.

A is for Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

B is for Brindabella Ranges

C is for Cooperation

D is for Daybreak

E is for Evening

F is for Frost

G is for Garden

H is for Holidays

I is for Imagery

J is for Juxtaposition

K is for Kookaburra

L is for Leaves

M is for Music

N is for Numbers

O is for Olfactory

P is for Pets

Q is for Quartz

R is for Rainbows

S is for Shadows

T is for Teamwork

U is for Utterance

V is for Values

W is for Webs

X is for eXcellence

Y is for Yes

Z is for Zen


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