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B is for Breweries

Canberra is home to two AMAZING craft breweries – Bentspoke Brewing Co. and Capital Brewing Co.

I’m going to speak about these breweries separately before recommending my favourite froths from each.


BentSpoke Brewing Co was founded by Champion Australian brewer, Richard Watkins and his wife, Tracy Margrain. They travelled the world drawing inspiration for their ideal brewpub. BentSpoke threw its doors open to overwhelming support from the local community. In fact, 3000 litres of beer was served in the first week alone. Five years on and several awards later, BentSpoke is firmly cemented in not just Canberra’s, but the wider Australian beer scene. It has featured heavily in the GABS Hottest 100 Beers for several years running, with its iconic “Crankshaft” a crowd favourite .

Capital Brewing was born in the Brindabellas – a local mountain range dear to Canberrans. A love of nature and all it provides forms the cornerstone of the flavours embodied by the company through its beers. Capital Brewing are known for their “good vibe” brews and boast an award winning tap room, in an off-beat industrial estate. Like its brother Bentspoke, Capital Brewing has featured consisently in the GABS Hottest 100 and is a great place to get together with good friends, for good beers.

My Top Five

  1. Sprocket (Bentspoke) – a deliciously dangerous drop at 7.0% alcohol. A big and hoppy IPA and my absolute favourite!
  2. Frenzy (Bentspoke) – a seasonal (summer) sour, with tones of raspberry and mint. Refreshingly tasty!
  3. Rockhopper (Capital) – an IPA with tropical hop flavours.
  4. Hang Loose Juice (Capital) – limited release summery blood orange NEIPA
  5. Barley Griffin (Bentspoke) – Mild Australian Pale Ale with sweet and fruit aromas!

Both venues offer tasting paddles as well as seasonal delights of new and unusual brews.

If you are in the area, I HIGHLY recommend a visit to one, or both, of these amazing venues. You won’t be disappointed!

A-Z Challenge – B

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