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C is for Cycle Paths

Want to use your pedal power?

If you like getting around on two wheels, Canberra will meet your needs perfectly.

Canberra is a cycle friendly city. It has been designed especially with designated bike lanes on main roads, as well as an extensive network of bike paths weaving their way throughout the city. There are a range of cafes and venues that position themselves as ‘bike-friendly’, and a year-round calendar of popular cycling events.

Canberra has an excellent network of shared paths and identified routes that people can use. There are approximately 50 biking paths in and around the city, catering to the casual cyclist, right up to the competitive biking enthusiasts. Some of these are “on road”, others are ‘hidden’ and provide very pleasant routes to get you to your destination.

Canberra’s iconic Lake Burley Griffin surrounded by cycle paths, and is perfect for a leisurely ride. From parks to national attractions, such as the National Library of Australia, and the National Gallery of Australia, there are plenty of things to see and do along your way. 

A-Z Challenge – C

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