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Z is for Zest

Despite grappling with the many challenges anxiety has thrown at me over the years, I have realised the importance of trying to maintain a zest for life. I will share some things I have found to be helpful. Reducing your daily stress can work miracles on your zest for life, as can changing the way you look at a situation. Diet and exercise also play an important role, releasing “happiness hormones” and regulating the fight/flight response triggered by anxiety. A good night’s sleep can work miracles when it comes to your mood and efficiency level for the day. But most of all, learning to handle difficult situations and developing coping strategies, plays a large part in maintaining your zest for life. To recap, hold onto your “zest” by:

  • Practicing Relaxation Techniques. It is important to find ways to relieve the muscle tension caused by anxiety.
  • Exercise & Diet: Any type of regular exercise is very effective in relieving stress.
  • Talking It Out: If you are feeling isolated because of anxiety, there are options for discussing how you are feeling.

Take positive steps.
Don’t let anxiety take
away zest for life.

By Sarah ©2018

Image credit jill111 via Pixabay

Prompt: A-Z Challenge, 30 April 2018 – Z