Stories by Sarah


My feet crunched on the blackened ground. Even the rocks had not been spared. So intense was the heat from the bushfire, they too had been singed.

All around me was devastation.

Twisted sheets of metal were all that was left of the house. I bent down and touched the ground where our mailbox once stood, my fingers trailing through the ash.

I trudged the perimeter fence and noted with irony, the eucalypts still standing.

But still standing.

Then, I saw a tiny patch of green – the tree already beginning to regenerate itself!

We too would rebuild.

By Sarah ©2019

Carrot Ranch, May 16: Flash Fiction Challenge, Prompt – In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that goes in search of trees. It can be one particular tree, a grove, woods, or forest. What makes the tree worth seeking? Go where the prompt leads!

Stories by Sarah


Who invited him? Shelby wondered.

She watched him surreptitiously, as she closed the liquor cabinet.

She took a quick gulp of the burning whiskey, and just for a minute the clock seemed to stop.

She took in his tall, hulking frame, electric blue eyes, and shock of black hair. He ruffled a hand distractedly through it, before somehow, he sensed her, looking at him.

She quickly looked away but not before a hot blush stole across her face. With disgust, she felt her pure lust for him; imagining herself lying under him, her own golden hair crowned upon the pillow.

Shelby swore softly under her breath as she realised he was now walking her way.

She turned and rushed out of the lounge, into the food store, hoping she could hide from him, in the kitchen. She wasn’t ready for this, all the turbulent emotions he was evoking in her. It was too soon.

From her concealment in the cupboard, she watched him survey the apparently empty room. He went to the sink, peeked out the window and across the lawn as though expecting to see her running through the grass.

Shelby realised she was holding her breath and silently, she prayed he would leave – look for her no more. Then she wouldn’t have to reveal herself to him.

She stayed strong in her resolve, even when she saw the single tear rolling down his cheek. It was nothing compared to the thousands she’d shed for him. If he wanted her back again, he had truly missed the boat this time.

Finally, he turned and left her in the darkness, and the party went on around them.

She slid down the wall, and reached for a packet of crisps.

By Sarah ©2018

The Sunday Whirl, Wordle 359 and Time to Write: Sentence Starter 36

Stories by Sarah

Curtain Call

“Can you come here for a second?” I asked.

No reply.

“Darren?” I probed.

Still no reply.

“Darren!” I bellowed, unable to stop the irritated tone in my voice. That man will be the death of me, I thought.

“What?” came the faint response from somewhere in the garden. He was in that blasted shed again.

Oh for God’s sake! I cursed, dropping the curtain rod to the floor with a loud, metallic CLANG. It’s weight had overcome me while my husband and I played our verbal tennis match.

“Never mind now!” I screeched.

I’d have to try and get it back up later. In fact, I still wasn’t quite sure how it had fallen.

I kicked at it with my foot.

It rocked back and forth a couple of times, but stubbornly sat there.

I knew I was being childish, but red hot anger surged through me.

I hated this place.

I hated my husband.

But mostly, I hated being powerless to do anything about either one of them.

I kicked it again, harder this time. It rolled and hit the wall.

The thump was strangely satisfying. As I turned to walk away, the rod came to rest, and the end came off.

Great! I thought, now I’ve done it! We can’t afford a new rod. We can’t afford anything!

I bent down to inspect the damage and noticed, there was something wedged inside.

I reached in and pulled out rolls and rolls of tightly coiled dollar bills.

They were all hundreds and the rod was filled with them!


“Honey?” Darren’s voice echoed through the empty bedroom.

Puzzled, but unconcerned, he went back out to his shed.

Meanwhile, I was already on the bus, heading towards my new life. I patted my suitcase and smiled.

By Sarah ©2018

Time to Write: Sentence Starter #35

Stories by Sarah


My Fitbit vibrated against my wrist. “Let’s go for 250!” it invited. Clearly, it was unhappy with my quiescence. I looked at the clock and realised I had indeed, been sitting in front of the computer for over an hour. I was surprised. Time had passed so quickly, yet yielded little in return.

I cursed the blinking cursor, briefly wondering if that’s why it was called that. I smiled at the idea of others cursing their cursors. I got up, stretched my legs, circling the room until my Fitbit vibrated with satisfaction.

Suddenly, an idea came! I sat down and commenced writing for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt…

By Sarah ©2018

Prompt: Sammi Scribbles, Weekend Writing Prompt, #53 – Quiescent

Scribblings by Sarah

Morning Thoughts

Seams part in the middle.
Slivers of light
tell rumors of dawn.

Birds lost in chatter
cheer on mighty efforts to
ditch the covers.

Rising to boil the kettle,
staring at the vine creeping
past the kitchen window.

Thinking of nothing,
and dreaming of everything.

By Sarah ©️2018

Image credit Pixabay

Prompt: The Sunday Whirl, Wordle 332, Words: boil, sliver, middle, seams, vine, mighty, rumors, lost, ditch, nothing, tell, light

Poetry by Sarah, Shadorma


Saturated mind
to sort through;
prioritise challenges.
Moonstruck by my fears.

Day by day,
with ragtag mounting,
I feel I
am drowning.
The sun is shimmering still
– but in me, no more.

Do I sail
raging seas, or yield?
A conflict –
wanderlust away from self?
Or stay. Fight the fight?

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Sammi Scribbles, Weekend Writing Prompt, #29 – Random, Task: Poetry Challenge – Write a three verse poem, where:
• each verse focuses on one of the three random words (Moonstruck – Ragtag – Wanderlust)
• and each verse must somehow reference the photo prompt in some way

and also; Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Saturday Mix, Lucky Dip – 18 November 2017, Task: Write a Shadorma about an emotion (I have obviously chosen to write about confusion!)

Free Verse, Poetry by Sarah

Sliding Scale

I wiggled and jiggled in
The small change room.
I cringe at my reflection.
Broad hips, narrow shoulders.
My body clearly taunting me.
‘Twould be funny.
If it weren’t so serious.
Feeling fury and disbelief,
I test the fabric’s strength.

I win the mission but not the war
As I free the garment from my body,
I hear the resounding RRRRIIIIIPPPP!
I gather up the pieces.
Lesson learnt.
Sometimes in life, we get away with it.
And sometimes we have to pay.
It’s a sliding scale.

(Lucky, this time it was dirt cheap.)

By Sarah ©2017

Author’s Note: Upon first reading, it would seem this poem is about a mishap at a clothing store. Which is one interpretation should you choose to take it 😊. The metaphorical intent behind this free verse is to show the lengths we can go to in life to change, bend and mold ourselves to an ‘ideal’. Eventually it wears and tears and tests our strength. Some of use choosing to cast off the oppressive ‘second self’. Sometimes that price is high and we are left picking up pieces, other times, we can move on. Life’s sliding scale; a balancing act and struggle, but the self in some form, will always endure.

Prompts: Sammi Scribbles, Weekend Writing Prompt, #28 – Life Poetry Challenge – Write a poem in 20 lines or less about life; the ups and downs, the important things, what it means to live a good life.; and also, Daily Post Daily Prompt – Fabric; and also, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Saturday Mix, Opposing Forces – 11 November 2017. Words: broad and narrow, funny and serious; and, The Sunday Whirl, Wordle 325. Words: clear, taunting, body, fury, test, war, mission, lesson, slide, dirt, pay, disbelief.

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017

I Survived!

As the badge says, “I survived A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, 2017”. Whew! I made it! But more importantly, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the organiser of this event, Sammi Cox. She did an amazing job coming up with some really interesting and varied prompts, collating all the responses into indexes and took the time to read and appreciate participants’ responses. You should definitely check out, if you haven’t stumbled upon her site before.

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and wrote EVERY single day during September. I loved reading the other participants’ take on things and felt a sense of camaraderie with those who completed the challenge along with me.  I have collated all my responses as a new section in my blog menu if you are interested in reading my collection. Overall, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges was engaging and fun, and definitely something I would do again!

For now though, I am taking a week or so off from blogging and the weekly challenges I usually join in, so that I can regroup and refresh. I think my brain has become a little fatigued and overwhelmed, and I am also struggling again with my anxiety. So a break is most definitely in order!

I’m sure my motivation and inspiration will return, and I will see you all again soon!


Free Verse, Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Poetry by Sarah


I cannot rest when the moon is full,
its wintery presence keeps me wakeful.

Playful shadows dance across the wall,
Illuminated by pale ghostly light on this,
All Hallows’ eve.

Despite locked door, I quake in my bed,
Shivering, hoping, I’ve remembered the chain.

Is it real or faux fear that chases me this night?
I brace myself for the unknown darkness.

Drawing deep within the covers, I create a pen around myself,
A distant bell dings, worming into my sanctuary, calling my name.

My conscience rebels because at the bottom of all this,
is just a crossroads between madness and truth.

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: The Sunday Whirl, Wordle 318;

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, First Line Friday – September 29th 2017; and also, Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 30 – final challenge!, Task: Write a spooky poem in 13 lines for Halloween.

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Scribblings by Sarah

Fooey Pooey

As I walk my two pooches, I pop in some earbuds and switch on my iPod hoping for something motivating. It randomly selects ‘Foo Fighters’ – excellent choice! I listen to the gravelly voice of Dave Grohl and find it ironic, as I bend down to pick up the steaming heap, that he can be a Foo Fighter, while I am being a Poo Fighter.

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 29. Task: Pick the name of one of your favourite bands / groups / artists. Use that as your inspiration to write a story in 50 words.

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Stories by Sarah

The Castle

There once was a castle in the middle of a field. It loved being the centre of attention. The grass bowed to it in the breeze, and travellers were drawn to it, like a beacon. For many years it was so.

But slowly, a town began to spring up around the castle and the field disappeared. At first, the castle was glad for the company, but in time, the town became a city and the castle was swallowed up by the busy-ness around it. Sometimes, it would still catch a glimpse of travellers’ eyes, but now they hurried past in their vehicles. The castle felt sad that in the midst of such hustle, it could feel so lonely.

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Daily Post Daily Prompt – disappearswallow; Bikurgurl, 100 Word Wednesday, Week 38; and also Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 28. Task: Write a story in less than 100 words that opens with, “There once was a castle…”

Haiku / Senryu, Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Poetry by Sarah

Criminal Heart

The sweet scent of you
lingers; clinging to my skin
as your fingers did.

A crime of passion.
Forbidden love can ne’er be.
I push you away.

Broken in pieces,
before my eyes, and I curse
my criminal heart.

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Ronovan Writes, Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt, Challenge #168 – sweet and scent; and also, Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 27. Task: The prompt is “crime”. The length and format are your choice.

Free Verse, Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Poetry by Sarah


The pain is exquisite.
Flesh opens as sharp metal slices;
Tearing through tough exteriors,
revealing spongy insides.
Tears splash earth below.
As bounty is snatched and plucked.
Left; bare and exposed
With a promise –
After pruning, comes rejuvenation.

By Sarah ©2017

Image credit Pixabay

Prompt: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Sunday Writing Prompt #221, September 24, 2017 – The pain is exquisite; and also, Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 26. Task: Write a poem on the theme of “rejuvenation” in less than 10 lines.

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Scribblings by Sarah

One Job

Author’s note: Sometimes my writing is based on my real life experiences. This is one of those stories and is an actual account of a costume I was responsible for, whilst working at an exclusive all girls college a few years ago. 

Oh, how I wish it were fiction…

The girls usually looked like seraphic supplicants, in their polished shoes, ecru stockings, petticoats and navy blue tunics. My job on the dramatic arts team, was to source a neutral, yet eye-catching costume for the production. I didn’t want to squander the funds, and bent over backwards to find a freely-licenced image and reasonably priced t-shirt manufacturer.

The free image and design on the front of the shirts – chosen due to the ‘caring for the environment’ theme of the production…

As I unpacked the boxes, I realised with alarm, the disastrous outcome of my work.
(However it did tickle the amusement of at least one stranger in the crowd, as 150 female students took their final bow, I could hear his guffaws from backstage…)

The unfortunate outcome once the shirt is worn. Especially by someone with breasts!

I had ONE jobBy Sarah ©2017

* supplicant (noun) – A supplicant is a person who prays to God or respectfully asks an important person to help them or to give them something that they want very much.

^ seraphic (adjective) – characteristic of or resembling a seraph or seraphim|seraphim:an angelic being, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor, and purity.

^^ ecru (adjective) – the light beige color of unbleached linen

Prompt: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Wordle #173;

and also Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 25. Task: Write a story in 75 words or less about an encounter with a stranger.

Haiku / Senryu, Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Poetry by Sarah

Bad Thing

Did a bad, bad thing.
Ashamed and broken. Exiled;
never to return.

By Sarah ©2017

Image credit Pixabay 

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 24. Task: The prompt is “return”. Any length, any format.

Elfje, Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Poetry by Sarah

Summer’s Coming

glow warms
my pale skin.
What’s this alien feeling?

By Sarah ©2017

Image credit By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Saturday Mix, Lucky Dip – 23 September 2017;  and also, Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 23. Task: Write a poem about an alien. Any length.

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Scribblings by Sarah

Rainbow Falls

Image credit By Sarah ©2017;  Rainbow Falls, Big Island, HI

It was a rainy day and my sisters and I had decided to go on an expedition to explore Hilo, HI. We saw a sign declaring ‘Rainbow Falls’ and discovered this beautiful oasis; cascading and emerging out of the rainforest. Unfortunately though, no sunshine equals no rainbows. Maybe next time.

By Sarah ©2017

What we’ll be hoping for next visit…

Image credit Viator

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 22. Task: Write a 50 word story that includes the words expedition, rainforest, discovery.

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Stories by Sarah

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, a girl opened a book, and began reading, ‘Once upon a time, a girl opened a book, and began reading’, “Once upon a time a girl…”

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 21. Task:Write a story in 25 words or less about a book.

Haibun, Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Poetry by Sarah


Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 20. Task: Write a poem in under 20 lines inspired by a myth, legend or fairy tale.

By Sarah

Image credit Ooberxandxdavie6

The warm honey glow of the late afternoon sun, was a contrast to the prickling cool of the mountain air on her skin. She climbed to her vantage point, high above the valleys. The ‘T-tree’ had been formed one night when Zeus’ lightning bolt had cleaved it in two – destroying the wine-red leaves of Autumn. The remaining limbs had sagged and sighed their defeat, for it was Winter now and the cornucopia were full for the cold months ahead. It was from here she loved to watch over the world below. The mountain goats were drawn here also and she liked to imagine it was because they were summoned by her power; taking their place beside her in the stars.

nourishing earth’s child
Amaltheia; Capricorn;
goat goddess endures.

By Sarah ©2017

Author’s note: In Greek mythology, Amaltheia is the she-goat Goddess who nourished Zeus as an…

View original post 86 more words

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Scribblings by Sarah

Belgrave Emporium

It’s the morning after my brother’s wedding and we are feeling a little…seedy, at best. After a wholesome recovery breakfast of bacon and eggs, my husband and I meander down the Main Street of Belgrave, a tiny outer suburb of Melbourne, in the Dandenong Ranges. I notice a shop I haven’t see before: Belgrave Emporium.

“Let’s go in!” I plead with my husband.

As it turns out, Belgrave Emporium is a exciting retail space in the heart of the little village. As we wander and browse, I am struck by the eclectic mix of wares on sale.

I mention to my husband that it seems as though this is not just one store, but many stores. And it turns out I’m right.

Belgrave Emporium indeed, houses seventy hand picked boutique stalls, ranging from vintage clothing, handmade accessories by local jewellers, artisan home wares, quirky art and prints, and much more.

We ended up spending an hour (and a fortune in the store), and with so much to look at, our hangover woes were soon forgotten. I highly recommend a stop in if you’re ever in the area!

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Daily Post Daily Prompt – meander; and also, Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 19. Task: You’re on your way to work and a new, strange-looking shop has opened over night. You are drawn to it and go in but what – or who – is inside? Tell us in less than 100 words.

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Scribblings by Sarah

The Shopping List

My husband does not like doing the shopping with me.

It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate my company or the help. It’s the fact that when I go with him, our shop is typically $50 more than usual.

This is because I am a sucker. I’m one of those people who sees ‘half price‘ or ‘two for the price of one‘ and am instantly reeled in. Hypnotised by the promise of something special that will save me money!

Nevermind, that I don’t particularly have a use for a double ended head torch (let alone two!); or that it will take us a year to get through the 18 rolls of paper towel for $8. I just see stuff and have to have it.

My husband suggests writing a shopping list, which is what we did today.

It didn’t help. Sometimes, you just have to put it down to an irritating quirk; a trial of being married to someone like me…

By Sarah ©2017

Image credit Pixbay

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 18. Task: The prompt is “shopping list”. The format and length are your choice; and also; Daily Post Daily Prompt – typicalparticular

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Scribblings by Sarah

Sea Break

The sand squishes beneath my toes. I feel the warmth of each grain. I inhale deeply and, simultaneously both smell and taste the salty air. I stretch my arms above my head and listen to the small waves lap against the shoreline.

I open my eyes; sigh at the recreated memory, and get back to work.

By Sarah ©2017

Image credit By Sarah ©

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 17. Task: Write a 50 word story on the theme of memory; and also, Daily Post Daily Prompt, recreate.

Free Verse, Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Poetry by Sarah


In the beginning my heart was brave.
She asked “Is there anyone out there who will
love me ’til the end?”

An echo replied, “I will love you for a little while,
But I cannot promise eternity

Eventually, when my heart was cleaved in two.
She asked, “Will anyone love me,
when I am so  broken?”

The echo replied, “Nay.”

My heart realised that first,
she must love herself.
She put out the call, one last time.
“Is there anyone who will love me,
Just as I am?

This time, the echo,
Was an echo of her own words.
At last! My heart had found you.

And we both realised,
We had been looking
For each other all along.

By Sarah ©2017

Dedicated to my husband Darrell, on this, our fourth wedding anniversary.

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 16. Task: Write a poem on the theme of “echo”. Any length; and also, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Saturday Mix, Opposing Forces – 16 September 2017

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Stories by Sarah


“What a an eventful year it’s been,” Linda exclaimed to her husband Frank, as they waited for the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

“Agreed.” Frank replied, in Frank’s way.

“We’ve seen the 1st Mars landing; Fidel Castro become President of Cuba; and the Tangshan Earthquake, claim the largest loss of life from an earthquake in the 20th century. What a mixed bag!”

“Agreed.” Frank replied.

“But I don’t know about this Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founding some ‘Apple’ Computer company in a garage! I can’t see that going anywhere!” Linda scoffed.

“Agreed.” Frank replied….

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 15. Task: Write a 50 word story set in the year you were born.

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Scribblings by Sarah

The Decider

Image credit Caras Ionut

Dream or nightmare? A clown is the decider.

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Photo Challenge #180; and also, Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 14. Task: Write a story in less than 10 words about a dream.

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Scribblings by Sarah

Another Planet

Sometimes I feel like the teaching bureaucracy is from another planet.

In fact, most days.

Ok, all the time.

And now for some teacher sympathy, I mean, humour…

By Sarah 

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 13. Task: The prompt is “another planet”. Format and length is your choice.

Fibonacci, Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Poetry by Sarah


A fenceline.
A wall. Dark waters.
Sometimes boundaries need crossing.

By Sarah ©2017

Image credits Pixabay 

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 12. Task: Write a poem about boundaries or a boundary. Any length.

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Stories by Sarah

Taking Hold

Half spluttering, half laughing, I emerged from under the wave. It had been a big one! I turned to see my husband successfully catching it all the way to shore. I gave him a thumbs up and looked for the next set, swelling further out to sea.

It was a magical day for boogie boarding. The sun was warm, but not too hot. The water was clear cerulean blue. And most importantly, the tide was full on high. I spied a beauty rolling in and positioned my body ready. Kick, kick. Legs pumping and then elation, as I felt the lift of my board taking hold.

By Sarah ©2017

Image creditJeremy Bishop

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 11. Task: Write a story in 100 words or less set in the ocean.

Stories by Sarah

Daddy’s Little Girl

Trigger warning – This story contains content about the rape of a minor, and suicide *

She stepped out into the bitter night air. The wind whipped her hair across her face, stinging her cheeks; much like the slap she’d received earlier had done. The rain beat down onto her bruised body and she shuddered at the thought of what she had to do.  She drew her baby closer to her breast.

She thought it might have been different, if she had given it time. That perhaps her family could have accepted it. But she realised sadly, that she should have known better, that no matter what, reputation and pride was more important to her father. It was inevitable that anything less would perforate her from him. She cringed as she recalled her mother’s weak, trembling figure standing dutifully by her father’s side. She remembered her vague hope that she might come to her rescue. Foolish! It all seemed so irrelevant now. They even said it was her fault; that she asked for it, but she couldn’t understand how a fifteen year old girl could possibly do that.

The rain grew heavier now and lightning streaked across the midnight sky, highlighting for a brief instant her ghost-like figure moving through the night. Her baby’s wail was one with the wind and she was tired. So tired.

How did it all start? She could barely remember and didn’t really want to. She had been sent away to boarding school, for a “life-changing Year 9 experience”. Boy were they right! she thought bitterly. From the first day she’d arrived, he had begun visiting her at night. She didn’t like what he did to her, and knew it must be wrong, because he threatened if she ever told anyone, he would kill her. She hated him so much and luckily, when his body was found, they had thought it was a suicide. But still, he had lived on – a new life created inside her.

The infant had no name. She resented it almost as much as she resented its father, but she acknowledged it wasn’t the baby’s fault. People in the town had looked upon her with such pity and disdain, that when she arrived at her parent’s doorstep, she should have expected their disgust too. At first, her mother just cried, while her father shouted names like “whore” and issued her the first of many blows. She smirked as she recalled that before that day, he’d always called her ‘daddy’s little girl’. He demanded that either, she leave or get rid of the child, proclaiming her “a disgrace to the family”. The decision wasn’t hard to make.

In a muted voice, her mother suggested the kindest way, and so the young girl kissed her baby goodbye. The wind howled through the trees and the water lashed against the banks of the river. She looked upwards into the rain and cried to God for forgiveness.

Then threw herself in.

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Daily Post Daily Prompt, irrelevant,  sting; and also, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Saturday Mix, 9 September 2017 – Same Same But Different. Synonyms used: produce – create, puncture – perforate, smile – smirk, young – infant, difficult – hard