Photos by Sarah, Thursday Doors

Rectory – Holy Trinity Cathedral

A continuation from last week’s post about the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Wangaratta, this is the rectory that sits beside it. Had a nice door in its own right so thought it deserved a separate post. Enjoy!

Prompt: Norm 2.0, Thursday Doors – April 5, 2018

Photos by Sarah, Thursday Doors

Holy Trinity Cathedral

It is fitting that with Easter this weekend, my Thursday Doors for today come from the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Wangaratta. I have included photos of both the exterior and interior, which you can see is set up from Palm Sunday. The beautiful stone of this cathedral comes from a local quarry that is now disused, but is incorporated into one of my favourite local bush walks, The Sunrise Track.

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

Prompt: Norm 2.0, Thursday Doors – March 29, 2018

Photos by Sarah, Scribblings by Sarah

The River Gang

Brassy sunlight streams through the trees. The trail is bracing and I can see my breath stretching in front of me, as if leading the way.

I bask in the sounds of nature and listen to the early morning bird song as I walk. Magpies mainly. They are warbling and gargling their happy tunes. It lifts my heart.

I round a bend in the track and I catch myself thinking how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful part of Australia. Rural enough to have a bush walk on my doorstep any day I please, but country town enough to not want for anything.

I cross the swing bridge and stare into the almost perfect mirror image reflected by the still waters of the Ovens River. The calm, glass-like water soothing my busy mind.

About a kilometre into the walk, is the rail bridge. Every time I do this walk it is always striking – a juxtaposition of steel and technology against the backdrop of green gum trees. Pylons plunging their fingers into the muddy water below. Its red metal skin screaming, “Look at me”. And I do. Every time. It draws my eye and distracts me from the nature I’ve come to see.

Today, for the first time, I notice some graffiti. Someone has spray painted RIVER GANG along the side of one of the girders. I feel curious about who they might be. Who is the ‘river gang’ ? What’s their purpose? Why did they feel it necessary to declare their presence in this otherwise, tranquil, isolated place?

As I draw closer, I see more graffiti, scribbling and scrawling, demanding a reaction. I could feel sad. I could become enraged about this blemish on our trail. However, I find it ironic that despite their attempted destruction, I can still find the beauty.

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