Stories by Sarah

The Wait

As I drained the glass, my breath echoed inside the small space like Darth Vader. I had dribbled some liquid down my chin so I wiped my mouth using a napkin from the dispenser on the counter. COME ON, COME ON! I said to myself.

I checked my cellphone again. Still no reply.

Feeling antsy I flicked the lighter, watching the flame pop up and down, up and down, like a jack-in-the-box. The bartender shot me an irritated look. I stopped.

I considered reading the book in my bag, but knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the storyline anyway.

I got up from my stool, and began pacing around the pub. The bartender sighed loudly. Clearly this annoyed him more than the lighter, as his body tensed with anger.

I needed to stay out of trouble, so I quickly sat down again, throwing him an apologetic smile.

I was about to go out of my mind, when my cellphone bleeped.

Finally! I thought relieved, as I read the text from my mate John.


By Sarah ©2017

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Prompt: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Story Elements June 4, Words: Glass, Darth Vader, napkin, cellphone, lighter, book, anger, trouble, mind; and also, Daily Post Daily Prompt, Word: relieved

Poetry by Sarah, Tanka

Waiting room 

Anxious; biding time.
A name is called but not mine.
A reprieve for now.
Dark thoughts fuel my fears, I think
waiting is worse than knowing.

By Sarah ©2017

Image courtesy of tiverylucky at

Prompt: Daily Post Daily Prompt, Word: reprieve