Haiku, Poetry by Sarah


For TJ’s challenge this week, I have reblogged a photo which I feel depicts chaos and order working hand and hand…

an ordered release
rains celebration chaos
upon bride and groom

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: TJ’s Household Haiku, 13 August 2017 – chaos and order

By Sarah

Image By Sarah ©

This photo is a contradiction of itself. Portraying both order and chaos – the order of everyone releasing their confetti at the same time while conversely, creating chaos with this same release.

I love this photo which was taken at a friend’s wedding in 2012.

Prompt: Weekly Photo Challenge, Task: Share an image that sends chaos packing (neatly).

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Haiku, Poetry by Sarah

Looking At Leaves

A trio of Haiku for this week’s challenge from TJ. Enjoy!


The last leaves crumble.
Days grow longer; warmth returns.
It’s looking like Spring.



Looking at the world
from a leafy bird’s eye view.
I may catch them yet!



This year I’m looking
to turn over a new leaf
…it’s long overdue.


Prompt: TJ’s Household Haiku, 29 July 2017 – leaf and look 
Image credits Pixabay

Haiku, Poetry by Sarah

My Fill

in depth of darkness

I emerge…sucking…gorging

’til I’ve had my fill

By Sarah ©2017

Author’s note: This response was inspired (unfotunately) by my recent misadventures resulting in being bitten by bed bugs during my last night of holidays. 

Prompt: TJ’s Household Haiku, Challenge 16 – depth, fill

Haiku, Poetry by Sarah

The Lot

Image credit TJ Paris

my love loves flowers.
nothing brings her so much joy
as their sweet perfume.

a lippy tulip,
roses of red, pink, yellow,
purple hued violets,

sunny gerberas,
delicate gypsophila,
perfect proteas,

cheeky daffodils,
full rainbows of carnations,
sassy snapdragons,

queenly hydrangas,
a daisy just makes her day.
to market I went

to buy her bouquet.
I just couldn’t decide so
I bought the whole lot!

Prompt: TJ’s Household Haiku, Words: perfume, joy

Haiku, Poetry by Sarah

TJ’s Household Haiku #only #full

Two Haikus for this week’s challenge, inspired by my fur babies, Bella and Archie…


eyes only for me

my loyal friend, if always

her belly kept full.


it’s only a toy 

but in his sparkling brown eyes 

always the full prize

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: TJ’s Household Haiku, Words: full, only