Free Verse, Poetry by Sarah

Keep Your Eye On The Sea

When walking along the beach
Don’t get lost in a reverie
Take it from my experience
And keep your eye on the sea!

Don’t ponder things big and small
Or how beautiful life be
Trust me friend, listen when I say
Keep your eye on the sea!

The ocean’s ever creeping
As sneaky as can be,
So please! Believe me!
Keep your eye on the sea!

That wave may look quite harmless
And far away it may be
But don’t risk it! Don’t get too close!
Keep your eye on the sea!

Because just when you think you’re safe
Thinking, ‘Ha! It won’t get me’
Bam! It’s gone and drenched you!
That bloody bugger, the sea!

So if you value your runners
Or some other expensive accessory
Do yourself a favour,

By 2013 Sarah