Photos by Sarah, Tuesday Photo Challenge


This banyan tree is located close to the port in historical Lahaina town, Maui, which was the former capital of Hawaii. It is the oldest banyan tree in Hawaii.

The banyan tree, received as a gift by the Smith family in the 1870s, was planted on April 24, 1873. Its extensive trunk and support root system now covers 0.66 acres (0.27 ha).

It is not only the largest in Hawaii but also in the United States.

Prompt: Dutch Goes The Photo, Tuesday Photo Challenge, Week 93 – Old

Poetry by Sarah, Tanka

The Road To Hana

Cars, bikes and buses.
Winding; clinging to cliffsides.
Peaceful forest views,
showcasing nature’s wonders,
along the road to Hana.

By Sarah ©2018

Prompt: Daily Post Daily Prompt – Wonder; and also, Ramblings Of A Writer, Weekly Tanka Prompt Poetry Challenge, Week 80 – nature and peace

Haibun, Poetry by Sarah


La was a lazy sun god. Deciding when it would be light and when it would be dark. Frequently sleeping in and causing trouble for demigod Maui and his mother, Hina, who depended upon the sunshine to fish and work.

Hina, busy toiling a special cloth, needed it to be dried completely in the sun. With such short and unpredictable days, Hina was unable to do this. Frustrated and fed up, she complained to her son.

Maui, being mischievous and clever, came up with a plan. He made a long, strong rope and climbed in darkness into the mountains, to the top of Haleakalā, where he lay in wait for the troublesome sun god.

As La finally appeared, dazzling in his glorious light, Maui lassoed the sun and tied him to a nearby tree. Begging to be released, La promised Maui more light every day in exchange for his freedom. Because of Maui and his cunning plan, the Hawaiian islands now receive consistent sunshine every day.

To this day, Haleakalā is wao akua — a sacred place of the gods.

peaks reaching skyward
sacred house of sun rising

By Sarah ©2018

Prompt: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, January 17th 2018 – Into The Mountains
Polynesian legend information sourced from:

Hawaii Five-O

Goodbye Maui, Hello O’ahu – Day 8, Hawaii Five-O

We left Maui this morning, and made our way to O’ahu. Although a complete contrast to Kihei where we’ve been staying, I do enjoy the busy-ness and bustling tourist feel of Waikiki – which also provides some great people watching opportunities!

We settled into our hotel, located in the heart of Waikiki. I had a relaxing swim and wander along the promenade before watching yet another a beautiful sunset…only to be greeted soon thereafter with torrential rain!

My favourite picture from today is a wet Waikiki at night…

Hawaii Five-O

Pa’ia – Day 7, Hawaii Five-O

What a little treasure! After driving through this historic plantation town Pa’ia the other day on our Hana tour, we decided it was worth going back for another look.

We went a little crazy shopping in all the great boutiques and had a yummy fresh seafood lunch at the Pa’ia Fishmarket.

We finished off the day with $3 Mai Tai cocktails and fresh Vietnamese pho. We are both feeling a little sad, as it’s our last night on Maui. We head to Waikiki tomorrow.

My favourite photo from today is a snap of the main intersection of Pa’ia…

Corner of Hana Hwy and Baldwin St, Pa’ia, Maui HI
Hawaii Five-O

Lahaina – Day 6, Hawaii Five-O

Another special day today! Up bright and early, we made our way to Lahaina (which means ‘cruel sun’ for a good reason – given my sunburn!)

We went on a whale watching tour and not only did we get to see numerous whales and calves breaching, slapping, and diving into the water, but we were at one point, surrounded by a pod of around 60 Pantropical Spotted Dolphins. Simply magical.

Afterwards, we sampled one of the ‘best burgers on Maui’ at the Cool Cat Cafe – the Don Ho, and then headed over for happy hour at Fleetwood’s On Front (owned by Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac). With $7.50 cocktails and $1 oysters, I was in Hawaiian heaven.

My favourite pic of the day (although not as clear as I would have liked)…

Hawaii Five-O

Beach and Booze – Day 5, Hawaii Five-O

This title should actually read: “Australian Girls Terrorised By Turtle”.

After speaking to a Maui local, we were recommended a swim at Po’olenalena Beach. We got the fright of our lives from a giant sea turtle who popped up to say hello! (Because everything in nature in Australia is basically trying to kill us, our first instinct was to scream and run for the sand dunes! Quite a sight!)

We ended up seeing five of these majestic creatures up close and personal, which was an amazing experience.

To calm our nerves after such adventures. we headed over to the Maui Brewing Co to sample their cold frothies and take advantage of happy hour and the food truck specials.

No photos of the turtles swum with today, however, here is one of Po’olenalena Beach Park…

Po’olenalena Beach Park with Molokini and Kahoolawe in the distance
Hawaii Five-O

Road to Hana – Day 4, Hawaii Five-O

This 43 mile road is literally carved into the side of the island and offers some of the most breathtaking scenery. With 617 curves, 56 one lane bridges and taking in a 10 hour round trip of the east coast and ‘upcountry’ of Maui, today has truly been a delight! It was super challenging to choose my favourite picture, but here it is…

Pools of O’heo, lower section
Hawaii Five-O

Wailea – Day 3, Hawaii Five-O

After exploring Kihei, we ventured into Wailea for beautiful tropical gardens, beach action, retail therapy, food-gasms and alcohol.

My impression of Maui so far, is that if Big Island and O’ahu had a love child, then Maui would be it.

Oh, and our lesson for the day: “Turn left and your whole world opens up!”

Red Ti plant
Hawaii Five-O

Arrival – Day 2, Hawaii Five-O

We have arrived in Maui safe and sound! After being awake for 36 hours straight now I apologise for the brevity (and possible incoherence) of this post. But here is a picture of a pretty sunset as we walked into Kihei for dinner this evening…January 3rd is maxed out!

Sunset, Kalama Beach, Kihei
Challenges by Sarah, Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O

This summer break, I am heading back to Hawaii for a holiday. Only six more sleeps and I will be setting off on a twelve day adventure to Maui and Oahu, with a dear friend!

During this time, I anticipate I will have limited wifi availability, as well as time, to participate in my regular challenges and will not be posting as often.

So, I am setting myself a mini writing challenge for each day while I am away: “To write 50 words about the day’s activities and upload my favourite photo, capturing this”.

I look forward to sharing my holiday with you in the coming weeks…stay tuned.