Challenges by Sarah, Kiwi Capers

Wellington Bound – Day 1, Kiwi Capers

Well, departure day is here! After spending a lovely time over the Easter long weekend, with family and friends in Canberra, my sister and I are off to Sydney International Airport, ready for our flight to Wellington. Ironically, the hotel we are staying at is located at “1 Bunny St”! We found this amusing and are looking forward to the adventures that await us. We will arrive around midnight (New Zealand time) and we have our fingers crossed for a smooth and uneventful trip.

See you on the flip side…

Challenges by Sarah, Hawaii Five-O

Departure – Day 1, Hawaii Five-O

The time has come! Kate and I are off to Hawaii. We depart Melbourne airport at 6pm and arrive in Honolulu at 8am (their time) before continuing onto Maui. May the flights be smooth and uneventful (surprise, surprise I am an anxious flier, lol!)

See you on the flip side…