Haibun, Poetry by Sarah

On The Beach

My flips-flops squelch in the soft sand. Tiny grains, incongruously scratchy, between my toes. I scan the beach, finding a place to settle in with my book. The heavens above me, a perfect hue, blend with the azure of the ocean. Warm, gold sunshine, cleanses away the stresses of the working week and soon, I am lost – deep in the pages of my paperback. A sudden rush of movement, catches my eye. I look up, but am too late to evade that rogue wave!

don’t get too cosy
keep one eye out on the sea
waves like to roam free

By Sarah ©2018

Image credit Aknafi

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Saturday Mix – Same Same But Different and Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille; and also, Time To Write: A book

Synonyms – flip flips (shoe), scan (sweep), heaven (sky), cleanse (wash), evade (duck)

Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Stories by Sarah

Taking Hold

Half spluttering, half laughing, I emerged from under the wave. It had been a big one! I turned to see my husband successfully catching it all the way to shore. I gave him a thumbs up and looked for the next set, swelling further out to sea.

It was a magical day for boogie boarding. The sun was warm, but not too hot. The water was clear cerulean blue. And most importantly, the tide was full on high. I spied a beauty rolling in and positioned my body ready. Kick, kick. Legs pumping and then elation, as I felt the lift of my board taking hold.

By Sarah ©2017

Image creditJeremy Bishop

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 11. Task: Write a story in 100 words or less set in the ocean.

Free Verse, Poetry by Sarah

Keep Your Eye On The Sea

When walking along the beach
Don’t get lost in a reverie
Take it from my experience
And keep your eye on the sea!

Don’t ponder things big and small
Or how beautiful life be
Trust me friend, listen when I say
Keep your eye on the sea!

The ocean’s ever creeping
As sneaky as can be,
So please! Believe me!
Keep your eye on the sea!

That wave may look quite harmless
And far away it may be
But don’t risk it! Don’t get too close!
Keep your eye on the sea!

Because just when you think you’re safe
Thinking, ‘Ha! It won’t get me’
Bam! It’s gone and drenched you!
That bloody bugger, the sea!

So if you value your runners
Or some other expensive accessory
Do yourself a favour,

By 2013 Sarah