A-Z Challenge, Challenges by Sarah

Y is for Yes

With life becoming more and more busy, I sometimes hear people talking about how they’re going to say “no” more often. There are so many things we are asked to be involved in: volunteering, events, fundraisers, running errands, giving, giving, giving…all while trying to make time for yourself in amongst it all too!

Don’t get me wrong, saying “no” is important. Because when we say “no”, we are then able to say “yes“ to the right people. And there is beauty in this. Your “yes” moments will look differently depending on the your own lives and personal situations but I challenge you to say “yes.”

Not for everything, because you don’t want to burn yourself out. But make a goal for yourself whether it’s one “yes” a week or one “yes” a day, to those who matter to you. They will be forever thankful.

Be present, be intentional. Say “no”, so you can “yes.”

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