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V is for Values

For many, values are misinterpreted as ethics or morals. The true definition of value is: a set of standards that we want to live our lives by based on what is most important to us.

This means living our lives based on the things that are most important to us in life, therefore, giving us purpose! A strategy I read about to discover our values is as follows: Identify 10 or more values that reflect our core values and then narrow them down to 5.

Understanding what what is most important to us is the very essence of appreciating beauty in our lives.

For me, I love:

  1. Spending time in nature because it grounds me (well-being)
  2. Talking and being with others because it makes me feel connected (connection)
  3. African drumming because I can play music with others (creativity)
  4. Walking my dogs because it makes them happy (sense of purpose)
  5. Being with my husband because he is my soul mate (connection)
  6. Dragon boating because my body can be powerful and strong (well-being)
  7. Teaching because I feel like I make a difference (sense of purpose)
  8. Exploring new places because I am curious and interested (knowledge)
  9. History because we can learn from our past (knowledge)
  10. Writing because I can explore my creativity (creativity)

Narrowing these down, I can clearly see my core values are:

Well-being, Connection, Sense of purpose, Knowledge, Creativity

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