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N is for Numbers

Mathematicians and non-mathematicians can surely agree, there is beauty in mathematics.

Not just the simple gratification that can be felt from balancing an equation, or solving a multi step problem. Beauty is more than skin deep when it comes to numbers.

Beauty can be found in the harmony, patterns, and structures of numbers and forms – providing the classic ideals of balance and symmetry.

The non-mathematician often appreciates the beauty of mathematics without even realising it.

For example:

  • feeling a sense of awe while admiring a flower or a tree
  • feeling attracted to a certain piece of art
  • favouring a specific type of architecture

The beauty that attracts your eye is made possible by, and can be explained by mathematics.

There are three elements of beauty: symmetry, proportion, and harmony. The perfect balance of these elements created the “Golden Mean” (otherwise known as the golden ratio). The Golden Mean can be found (literally) everywhere in our world!

Look out for it…and enjoy!

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