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K is for Kookaburra

Kookaburras are a well-known symbol of Australia, sometimes referred to as a laughing larrikin. They are bold, and fearless, carnivorous birds. Although classified as a kingfisher, they prey upon snakes, small reptiles and small mammals, They are not at all scared of humans and have been known to snatch a sausage off the BBQ or straight from your hands!

In Ngunnawal language (the traditional land owners of the ACT region), the word for Kookaburra is “guginya”.

According to one Indigenous Dreaming, the Great Spirit Biami created the first Kookaburra to call out when the sun rose each morning to awaken the people and daytime creatures.  He did this with a loud, ringing laugh so the people and creatures awoke with gladness in their hearts,

Another Dreaming states that before the world had the sun, Emu and Brush Turkey continuously fought. Brush Turkey threw Emu’s egg into the sky and it landed in one of the campfires of the star people. The resulting light was so glorious, the people begged the star people to keep it going. They needed someone to waken them each morning to start the fire of the Sun, so Kookaburra with his loud laugh got the job. He does it daily with joy.

One important thing to note about Kookaburra is that he must NEVER be mocked. It is absolute Law. Although this fellow appears to be bursting with self-confidence, he is indeed a sensitive soul. Any teasing will result in hurting Kookaburra’s feelings so deeply, he won’t waken the star people. Imagine living without the sun!

Source: Native symbols

From an Appreciation of Beauty standpoint, I always take note of Kookaburras. I laugh and smile with them, enjoying the moment. It is due to Kookaburra’s ability to sing out, and be loud after all, that he has the important job of awakening humanity.

As a spiritual totem, some believe the Kookaburra highlights work issues and family relationships.  Enthusiasm, happiness, promotion, and success are all symbolised by Kookaburra.

I simply adore Kookaburras – their spunk, character and cheerful call never cease to bring a smile to my face and joy to my soul. I always heed whatever message I am meant to be receiving from this wise old bird.

Listen to a pair of Kookaburras calling here:

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