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H is for Holidays

Spending time in nature can improve your brain function, reduce stress, keep you fit, and help you appreciate land and wildlife. This is why I generally choose nature holidays for my vacations.

My favourite nature destination to holiday is Scotts Head, NSW. Since I was born, it has been my family’s special place; one I feel spiritually and emotionally connected to.

As soon as I start walking on the sand, eluding the foamy edges of the waves as the surf slides toward shore, I feel a peace wash over me. It is as if the sea rhythmically rinses away any tension. The sand-hills and sweeping length of the beach mean I can focus on nothing but this slice of the natural world, and the white sand underfoot.

Occasionally I will spy a soaring osprey, or a crackle of yellow-cheeked black cockatoos. I love to forage amongst the debris that has washed up on shore – collecting shells, bits of coral, cuttlefish and interesting rocks or sticks.

My annual holidays really encapsulate the perfect opportunity to embrace the beauty and excellence of our natural world.

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