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G is for Garden

Beautiful gardens appeal to our minds and senses – the colours, immense diversity of designs, fragrances, flavours, sounds from birds and insects, and the variety of textures. These all awaken something basal within us.

Although, by no means, do I possess a green thumb, I hold a deep appreciation for the sanctuary of gardens.

I like nothing more than going for a walk or drive around my neighbourhood and taking notice of the beautifully crafted gardens others have created.

Or, if I’m visiting a friend’s, I am always observant and tune in to what they’ve done with their plants.

Fortunately here in Canberra we have gardens, reserves and parks aplenty, and I cherish my time exploring our natural wonderland.

And I celebrate each small success in my own backyard, experiencing joy from seeing a carefully tended bud, reach its bloom.

“A garden is a thing of beauty and a job forever.”  Richard Briers

5 thoughts on “G is for Garden”

  1. Wonderful garden photos, closeups with still enough background to get an idea of the colours around them. I like that quote of a garden being “a job forever”, so true! It’s easy to plant a few plants, but to maintain it all year after year is a different story.
    Visiting from the A to Z master list, nice to get to know your blog!


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