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F is for Frost

Unlike many Australians, Winter is my favourite season. For me, there is nothing more spectacular than the clarity of the blue skies and the sharp edge the cool crisp air gives the environment. And of, course, there’s the frost.

Frost is a thin layer of ice on a solid surface, which forms from water vapor in an above-freezing atmosphere coming in contact with a solid surface whose temperature is below freezing. This results in a phase change from water vapor (gas) to ice (solid).

Aside from the amazing science behind this phenomenon, it is also very beautiful. The white shards cloaking individual blades of grass or leaves, collectively form a shimmering, sparkling, winter-scape; capturing the softened golden rays of the sun – reminding us there is a different kind of warmth to appreciate, amidst the cold.

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4 thoughts on “F is for Frost”

  1. I find frost magic, so I’m totally with you here! Beautiful photos, and timely as we are entering spring here in The Netherlands and I’ll have to do without frost for a while now. Your photos can help me “charge my frost batteries”!

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