Stories by Sarah

Light of Ages

Our small crew of lighthouse keepers, landed in the spring, on the station off the coast of Isle Royale. We stayed for the entirety of the shipping season; due to leave in the fall. But the remoteness and inaccessibility of the light, made provisioning risky; burdensome for those ashore. In the end, we got down to a single can of tomatoes.

You find out man’s true nature under such conditions. One has to survive, and there are ways to dispose of the bodies, out here on the rock.

A light for the ages, brought out darkness in our souls.

By Sarah ©2020

Image credit: Copper Country Historical Images

1 thought on “Light of Ages”

  1. oooh…. That place looks a tad desolate. Reminds me of a children’s story I read about a family who lived at a lighthouse and pretty much only ate from their garden and fresh and salted fish! I think eventually one daughter ended up going to the mainland after the family rescued some sailors. I think I gave the book away and I can’t find it on the web.

    There is another story though of Grace Darling who ended up saving many folks from the light house that she lived in.

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