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G is for Green Machine

Canberra Raiders’ uniform

The Canberra Raiders are a rugby league football club based in Canberra. They have competed in Australasia’s National Rugby League (NRL) since 1982. Over this period the club has won 3 premierships, (out of 6 Grand Finals played). They have not won a grand final since 1994 and last played in a grand final in 2019. They have received 1 wooden spoon.

The Raiders’ current home ground is Canberra Stadium (GIO Stadium) in Bruce, ACT.

The official symbol for the Canberra Raiders is the Viking. The Viking, is also the team’s mascot who is known as “Victor the Viking”. At the start of each home game the Raiders do the “Viking Clap”.

“So why Green Machine?” I hear you say.

It is the club’s nickname, due to the distinctive lime green uniform.

An interesting fact: the Canberra Raiders’ team song “Green Machine” once held the #1 song in Canberra for 5 months! Click here to hear it!

Here’s a taste of a Raiders’ home game, including the Viking clap…

A-Z Challenge – G

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