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Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 4 April 2020

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Welcome to the Saturday Mix, 4 April 2020!

This week we are “writing away, and having a play, with rhyming words for you today” with Rhyme Time.

‘Rhyme Time’ focuses on the use of rhyme to build your writing piece. You will be given six rhyming words* and need to use all of them (but not limited to these) in your response, which should be a poetry form of your choice.

*Homophones can be used as alternatives to the challenge words.

Our rhyming words this week are:

  1. wire
  2. dire
  3. fire
  4. mire
  5. tyre (or tire)
  6. quire (or choir)

You may be thinking to yourself, How can I use rhyme in my writing?
Luckily, Kat at Literary Devices, has some examples for you.

Examples of Rhyme in Poetry
A rhyme is a repetition of similar sounding words, occurring at the end of lines in poems or songs. A rhyme is…

View original post 341 more words

2 thoughts on “Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 4 April 2020”

  1. My take on this. It really *is* a challenge to incorporate so many short, rhyming words, without the end result being tried or artificial. I managed with some success:

    “Star Crossed”

    A flicker, not full fire

    The night wind blows, unkind

    The eyes begin to tire

    They’ve known that they won’t find

    The thing inside the heart

    Instilled by Someone Good

    (They’ve played a valiant part,

    Once thinking that they could)

    No, not tonight, they know,

    They see the muck, the mire

    The climb is just too hard

    For that tender, pure desire

    The flicker burns right out

    (Though they know it will return)

    Dark eyes, downcast, and knowing

    That Love–they cannot earn.

    Yet somehow, they persist

    Through peaceful days and dire

    Most tears, the eyes resist

    Feet steady on their wire

    These evenings come and go

    Salt tears will always dry

    Tired eyes still somehow know

    To look up toward the sky

    To gaze straight at the stars

    And their celestial choir

    And rest assure their fragile flame

    Is still, indeed, a fire.


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