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Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip, 21 March 2020

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Welcome to the Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip,21 March 2020!

For this week’s Lucky Dip, I have reached into my mystery bag and pulled out a Somonka.The topic is up to you!

You may be thinking to yourself, What on earth is a Somonka?

Luckily, Writer’s Digest has an explanation…

Somonka Poems

The somonka is a Japanese form. In fact, it’s basically two tankas written as two love letters to each other (one tanka per love letter). This form usually demands two authors, but it is possible to have a poet take on two personas. Click here for a refresher on the tanka.

Example of a Somonka


I’m waiting to die;
I think it will happen soon–
this morning, I saw
two bright hummingbirds battling
over some sugar water.

I know; I was there.
I chased after them for you
until thirst stopped me.
Fetch me…

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1 thought on “Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip, 21 March 2020”

  1. Thanks for sharing this interesting information on Somonka and Tanka poetry!

    I tried my hand at a Tanka–not terribly authentic, with dubious syllables, and focusing on the subject of a D Major Bach work…but a valuable and enjoyable exercise!


    Warmth spreads across the skin

    And heart

    Future and past alloy

    Streaks of light in the grey mist

    Keep writing!


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