Scribblings by Sarah

Calm Before The Storm

It’s eerily quiet here today.

The smoke haze that has been choking Canberra for the last five weeks, has continued to thicken and wrap its fingers around my suburb. The New Year’s Eve fires have seen to that.

The visibility is poor. The worst it has been. Now I can’t even see past the edge of my street.

The air quality index is 25 times that of “hazardous level”.

But, putting up with this, is better than the alternative – the origin of the smoke.

The devastation is unfathomable. Towns I holidayed in as a teen –

are simply gone.

Thousands of people are displaced, homeless, desperate and despairing. My eyes are glued to the constant updates coming from the TV.

Their images like an apocalyptic hell.

My heart cannot bear it.

I feel so helpless. And so I just wait.



Be alert.

Act if I need to.

My bag is packed. I have supplies.

Tomorrow is meant to be the worst day yet.

All I can do is pray.

My eternal thanks and gratitude go to the emergency services and volunteers who are doing their best, in this unfair battle.

True heroes.

Communities are rallying to send supplies to those in need.

Us Aussies look out for each other.

I really hope that this is not just the calm before the storm.

We need RAIN…

not more thunder and lightning.

Stay safe everyone on the east coast of NSW and VIC.

4 thoughts on “Calm Before The Storm”

  1. I wish I could send you some of the snow we are getting this evening.
    Please stay safe. Thinking of you and all those who are working to put out the flames and help those in need.


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