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Last week a beautiful juvenile Rosella flew into the glass window of our classroom. After some TLC from us and ACT Wildlife and Conservation, Rosie now flies free again…

You crashed
Into the glass
Head smashed

Hurt. Stunned.
We nurtured you.
Wings sunned.

Strong again you
Fly east.

By Sarah ©2019

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip, 18 May 2019

Author’s note: The Musette was created by Emily Romano and is a poem that consists of three verses of three lines each. The first lines have two syllables; the second lines have four syllables, and the third lines have two syllables. The rhyme scheme is a/b/a for the first verse; c/d/c for the second verse, and e/f/e for the third verse. The title should reflect the poem’s content.

6 thoughts on “Rosie”

  1. Poor Rosie. I’m pleased you were able to save it. I saw so many crimson rosellas when I visited my daughter in Canberra. They are gorgeous. We don’t have them up here. We saw a lot of them in the grounds of a school too. I wonder was it your school. 🙂


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