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A Ghost Story

I am a primary school teacher and in 2005, had a haunted classroom. I was teaching on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria in a high growth school. I volunteered to go into a ‘portable’ (temporary mod style building) double classroom as we had run out of building space. I was excited to be team teaching with a colleague however from the get-go, the classroom had a “not-quite-right” feel to it.

We had unexplained electrical issues where we could smell a hot electrical burning smell, however, upon numerous visits from the electrician, there was found to be no problems. 

At times, we could not open the doors – the locks jammed up. However when a locksmith changed to new locks, this problem continued.

One morning, my colleague and I entered the classroom to find the dress ups strewn from one end of the classroom to the other. No one else had keys aside from us and the cleaners – who were as surprised as we were by the mess. I hated being alone in that room and always felt like I was being watched.

In the middle of a lesson all of us present, kids included, were overwhelmed by the scent of lilies (which I later found out to be the flowers of the dead). One of the children even asked, ‘Where’s that perfume coming from?’ and as quick as it engulfed us, the smell was gone again. 

Possibly unrelated, but my two class pet goldfish both died overnight, even though they had been fine the day before.

Although we felt foolish, both myself and the other teacher spoke to our principal about these incidents and she dismissed them.  Until one night, she came into the classroom to speak to me and kept looking over her shoulder. She asked, ‘Did you hear that?’ and when I said, ‘No’, looked very scared and left soon after. 

I didn’t think too much more of this until I visited a psychic at a show as a bit of fun. We hadn’t gotten very far into the reading when the psychic stated, ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t deal with anything else until we talk about your work situation. You are being haunted by a troubled spirit.’

I was gobsmacked as I hadn’t mentioned a thing about the classroom. The lady told me that the classroom had come from a storage yard where many homeless people used the buildings for shelter. She explained that a young girl had committed suicide in my classroom. She gave me a cleansing spell and asked me to burn a black candle and white sage to move her spirit on. 

Again, I felt foolish however, I did what was suggested. From that point on, we had no further issues.

I have recounted this story many times and still get chills when I describe what happened. I know that room was haunted but feel glad I was able to help whatever it was, move on.

By Sarah ©2019

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7 thoughts on “A Ghost Story”

  1. Excellent tale Sarah. I’d believe that thinking about some of the old musty classrooms I worked in. I remember one classroom I taught in the walls would move when the blew too hard. Most uncomfortable in the winter.

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