Poetry by Sarah, Tanka


A walk through nature.
Grounding. Feet connect with earth;
air dances on skin.
Add some breathtaking scenes and
happiness flows from within.

By Sarah ©2018

Cable Bay, New Zealand – Image credits By Sarah ©

Prompt: Ramblings Of A Writer, Weekly Tanka Prompt Poetry Challenge, Week 98 – Happiness and Nature

10 thoughts on “Grounding”

      1. I’ve only been once, two glorious months in 2010. My SIL took me on mini treks and showed me so many traditional and interesting things, I stayed with a friend in Napier for a week and she too took me to see the sights, I had a week away on my own travelling on the Overlander, to Wellington, then over to South Island, incorporating a Whale Watch trip in Kaikora, a trip to Christchurch and Greymouth. Such wonderful memories and sights. I love to go again, funds and health permitting, and it will be lovely to see Bro.

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      2. Hopefully you can go again! I am so lucky it’s only a 3.5 hr flight from here. And flights are obscenely cheap! Europe on the other hand…. *sigh* one can dream

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  1. Lovely! Sounds like how I’ve been feeling the last couple of days, summer’s arrived in the UK. Our scenery isn’t as spectacular as that, though.


  2. Beautiful Tanka poem, especially hitting my heart as it’s New Zealand. Thanks, appreciate the beautiful photography of NZ scenes. Peace my friend.


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