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Y is for Yield

When you’re in a state of anxiety, you want to have control over your surroundings and what’s around. You are constantly seeking a feeling of safety. In reality, the more you seek control, the more you wind up searching for safety. It’s an exhausting cycle. Ironically, you need to let go; to yield; to give over to your fear. Surrender is often viewed upon as a negative thing. We are always encouraged to take charge of our lives and be persistent. Talking about yielding to something, may make you feel weak. However, if you surrender to a higher power, you bring that power into your life and allow it to consciously move you towards your goals, dreams and desires. It’s in the yielding that balance can be found.

A higher power
is actually in control.
Give over to it.

By Sarah ©2018

Prompt: A-Z Challenge, 28 April 2018 – Y

9 thoughts on “Y is for Yield”

  1. This is is absolutely true, I’ve had anxiety and agoraphobia and finally decided to seek therapy for it. It’s incredible how even a simply trip to the store can get my anxiety through the roof, constantly wanting an escape, an exit, my safety. Great post!

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  2. I love the way the opening essay prepares the reader for the haiku — and the reinforcing image that links nature with a worn road sign. What a symbol for ‘not-quite-in-control-as-we-may-think’.

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