Photos by Sarah, Thursday Doors

Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral in upper Trafalgar Street, Nelson, New Zealand.

The current church was constructed in 1925. The majority of marble was sourced from the Pakikiruna Range, near Takaka and then ground down and mixed with plaster to give the unusual appearance and colour of the cathedral.

The steps are constructed from granite obtained from Tonga Beach, in the Abel Tasman National Park.

Prompt: Norm 2.0, Thursday Doors – April 26, 2018

11 thoughts on “Christ Church Cathedral”

  1. Fantastic photos. Sadly when I visited NZ it was in the middle of the earthquake!
    I had two nights in Christchurch, but didn’t see very much due to the timing of my arrival and a day excursion to Greymouth the following day. The big one hit after I’d returned to my brother’s at Mangawhai

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    1. How terrifying! It’s such a shame there is such ongoing devastation in NZ. SUCH a beautiful country and welcoming, hospitable people. I have visited NZ six times and fortunately, not experienced any earthquakes


      1. The first arrived the day after I did (Sept 2010). Bro is in North Island and so we didn’t feel anything. Hubby was going nuts in the UK saying he hadn’t sent me all that way to be flattened! I booked a mini trip to include a Whale Watch in Kaikora and it included Christchurch. The damage wasn;t too bad then, but the room in the hostel I stayed in had a cracked window. I was up at 4am having a shower and working out if I should run out naked and soapy, or dry myself as best I could and put my nightclothes on. I felt a couple of tremors then. I was also in Napier when a rumble occurred and my hostess didn’t bat an eye. Don’t worry about it she said, so I didn’t. I had a wonderful time. The people are terrific.

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      2. 😱😱 glad you were ok. No wonder your hubby was worried! The people just take it all in their stride which I find so admirable. On my last visit, we had a tour operator who described some of the ones she’d been through and I am in awe of their spirit and resilience!

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  2. Some lovely shots in this collection. I love the multi-layered arches in the entrance on the first shot. My fave is definitely the one looking down at the door at the bottom of the stairs.

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