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S is for Self-Talk

For those who suffer anxiety, if we listen to our self-talk, it often sounds something like this: “You’re such an idiot!”, “You’re worthless!” or “You’re disgusting!”. But…the good news is that this negative self-talk, with careful practice and attention, can be turned into positive self-talk. While positive self-talk is not an anxiety cure or prevention strategy, for some reason if you say positive things to yourself long enough, those things start to become a reality. Positive self-talk also has the added bonus of simply being distracting without the negative consequences of negative self-talk. The less you’re able to focus on negative, anxiety fueling thoughts, the more they seem to go away.

flip and turn your self talk ’round

By Sarah ©2018

Image credit geralt via Pixabay 

Prompt: A-Z Challenge, 21 April 2018 – S

10 thoughts on “S is for Self-Talk”

    1. It is the hardest things I’ve had to work on! The natural inclination is to be the critic. My psych pointed out how harsh and cutting my self-talk was and I had never realised before! It was a light bulb moment and I’ve tried so hard to be gentler o myself. Some days more successfully than others, lol! Love the idea of affirmations.


  1. So true. If we’re always talking to ourselves and we are the ones on both sides of the conversation why not say nice things instead of mean ones? I would never talk to a stranger the way I sometimes talk to myself—and that’s just weird. If I can be kinder to myself I know it will (and does) make me kinder towards others.

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