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D is for Depression

Yep. We need to talk about it. Although no one knows exactly why, depression and anxiety often go hand in hand. They are the “fraternal twins” of mood disorders. I know I need to carefully manage my anxiety or it spirals into depression. I can literally feel it happening. I start by withdrawing and my motivation shuts down. I want to sleep all the time and can’t face general activities of daily life. A feeling of hopelessness consumes me. I am constantly balancing the scales between the anxiety and depression and it’s exhausting. Sometimes it feels like I’m locked in with no escape from this diabolical duo.

I’m spiraling down
into a yawning chasm.
Despair takes over.

By Sarah ©2018

Prompt: Olivante Poetry, #NaPoWriMo – Image 4; and also, A-Z Challenge, 4 April 2018 – D

15 thoughts on “D is for Depression”

    1. Absolutely. Thanks Val. Thankfully I haven’t had these awful feelings for a while now, my next few A-Z letters will be showcasing some of the upsides of anxiety so hopefully the posts won’t be such a downer… lol!

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  1. We all love you, be careful, please. I can relate to how you feel, I have a daughter-in-law like that, sometimes when she gets down, she will spend days sleeping, it is very hard on all the family as you cannot get her motivated to do the simplest things.
    Hope you enjoy your holiday in NZ.

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    1. It can be so tough. Thankfully the dreaded “D” has not shown its face for a while now. Having a lovely time in NZ so far. It’s such an amazing country and I always LOVE coming here. All that beautiful nature soothes the soul

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    1. Absolutely. Mindfulness and gratitude are important for dealing with both anxiety and depression. Thankfully the dreaded “D” has not been lurking for a while now. Hopefully it stays that way 😊

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  2. Half the battle in beating depression is recognising the signs. I am lucky in on my ‘down days’ Hubby knows when to leave me alone and when to be there when I need to talk. It may take a while, but I am thankful to have him in my corner.

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    1. Having support makes the world of difference. I feel for people who have to go through it alone or can’t share their struggle with others. Makes it infinitely harder 😕 hubbies are a special breed. I don’t know what I’d do without mine either

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  3. Be strong and reach out to others. These two do go hand in hand, unfortunately, but you are recognizing that and talking about, wonderful first steps.

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