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B is for Broken

Anxiety can break you. At first, you cope; going through the motions and pretending things are fine. But over time, the cracks appear and even the smallest hairline fracture, has potential to do enormous damage. You go on, until eventually, you shatter. With a sense of helplessness, you pick up the pieces and stick yourself back together. But you are weak and vulnerable, and know it will happen again. Sometimes, those around you, know you are broken and play it to their advantage. Like predators seizing their opportunity. Sometimes, those around you are the glue. They support you and hold you together when you can’t anymore.

In pieces again
anxiety has smashed me
rebuilding begins

By Sarah ©2018

Image credit Chuttersnap via Unsplash

Prompt: A-Z Challenge, 2 April 2018 – B

19 thoughts on “B is for Broken”

  1. Anxiety, Broken, Be Brave! Quite a message!
    Until reading this, my first representation for B letter would bring the word Beauty into my mind. But you inspired me to connect Broken and Beauty. Who knows, maybe writing about Broken Beauty might help me to glue my pieces! Thank you!

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  2. Well put. Anxiety, or it’s roots set in depression creep in unseen and ignored. Often the realisation something’s wrong occurs long after it’s settled in. Very hard to dislodge after too. It builds up to breaking point and the pieces take a while to reassemble…leaving with, as you say, concerns about the next time and fallout.

    Good post!

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  3. Hhhhhmmmmmm….that’s quite unfortunate. This is why we always need to have positively-influencing social support systems that will give that push we need…..to sail through! Thanks Sarah, 😊😊

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