Poetry by Sarah, Tanka

Going Somewhere?

Image credit Matthew Smith via Unsplash

Roadworks, traffic, go.
Park the car. Take shuttle bus.
Check in and drop bags.
Gah! Flight delayed! Transport is
an exercise in patience.

By Sarah ©2018

Prompt: Daily Post Daily Prompt – patience; and also, Ramblings Of A Writer, Weekly Tanka Prompt Poetry Challenge, Week 81 – Transport and Exercise

9 thoughts on “Going Somewhere?”

  1. We just had this happen over Christmas break when we were trying to get home to Hawaii. Our first flight landed AFTER our second flight started boarding. I knew we were going to have to go super fast to make it. Of course, ladybugs legs were “broken” and I had to literally pull her through the airport (opposite end). The tram was broke too (for real though) so we didn’t get there luxury of a ride. Anyway, we make it all the way to our gate only to find out our flight was delayed! Ha I had never been more relieved but frustrated at the same time!!! I literally was sweating and my Fitbit tracker thought I was working out! Ha

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  2. I can agree… While traveling once with my hubby, first we took the car to the train station, then the train… cab to the hotel, then a co-worker drove us to pick up a rental. Had to go to the local airport to exchange the rental, then take the rental to different airport, to take the shuttle bus back to the train station where our car waited so we could drive home (thankfully not all in the same day but within about ten days). 🙂

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