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Yves’ challenge today is to ‘get on your soapbox and have a good rant. Your rant can deal with anything from minor pet peeves to serious societal issues and don’t feel like you need to hold back on my account‘.

I have an issue I would just love to rant about, but I am using my better judgment and refraining. It’s all a little too recent and raw, and I am fearful I will express things that are not appropriate or that I will end up regretting. I know that’s kind of the point of this post, but I’m still in the midst of processing and dealing with a betrayal.

However, I will have a rant about rants. As my husband would readily tell you, I am a bit of a ranter. I can be very black and white – especially when it comes to morals and following the rules. I see injustice, or liars and cheats, and my blood just boils. And….I have to tell everyone all about it! Sometimes, I can feel myself flipping my lid and inside my head I’m saying, ‘Calm down…ease up turbo’ but I just keep going. Like I have verbal diarrhoea!

Anyhow, it is something I am actively working on, by using mindfulness techniques, because I have come to realise that people don’t always share your values, and that expectations vs. reality can differ greatly. I have also come to realise there is a difference between venting and ranting. When I feel myself crossing that line, between a vent and a rant, I am starting to recognise and rein myself in. Blogging helps. I can rant creatively and more obscurely – saying what I need to say without becoming a shrew!

After recently going through the “Hawaii Missile Alert” debacle, it has certainly helped put things into perspective. If something grinds my gears, I am using the mantra, “Oh well, at least it’s not an inbound ballistic missile!”

Sometimes changing the lens through which you view a situation can transform everything…

Prompt: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Sunday Writing Prompt, #238 – Rant

14 thoughts on “Rant”

  1. Great display of mindfulness at work. I am quite feisty myself and have been known to indulge in a rant. I too have to take time to process before I can constructively discuss an issue. I also relate to the black and white thinking!

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    1. It’s surprising how often we act from emotion and I have found myself managing conflicts/ relationships so much more positively by sometimes, just giving some grace and space. Sleeping on it also works wonders.

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