Hawaii Five-O

Beach and Booze – Day 5, Hawaii Five-O

This title should actually read: “Australian Girls Terrorised By Turtle”.

After speaking to a Maui local, we were recommended a swim at Po’olenalena Beach. We got the fright of our lives from a giant sea turtle who popped up to say hello! (Because everything in nature in Australia is basically trying to kill us, our first instinct was to scream and run for the sand dunes! Quite a sight!)

We ended up seeing five of these majestic creatures up close and personal, which was an amazing experience.

To calm our nerves after such adventures. we headed over to the Maui Brewing Co to sample their cold frothies and take advantage of happy hour and the food truck specials.

No photos of the turtles swum with today, however, here is one of Po’olenalena Beach Park…

Po’olenalena Beach Park with Molokini and Kahoolawe in the distance

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