Hawaii Five-O

Wailea – Day 3, Hawaii Five-O

After exploring Kihei, we ventured into Wailea for beautiful tropical gardens, beach action, retail therapy, food-gasms and alcohol.

My impression of Maui so far, is that if Big Island and O’ahu had a love child, then Maui would be it.

Oh, and our lesson for the day: “Turn left and your whole world opens up!”

Red Ti plant

7 thoughts on “Wailea – Day 3, Hawaii Five-O”

  1. hello Sarah! I came here by way of Mandibelle’s interview, so good to read about your writing goals and commitment to teaching with self amassed knowledge. Hawaii is special to me and I felt it was serendipity to read a first post from you on the place that is so dear to my heart. It holds happy and sad memories and I think there is no place more beautiful than it. Happy holidays and look forward to reading you in the future.

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    1. Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your comment! I truly appreciate it! It certainly is serendipitous timing, as I usually write poetry and short stories… so you’ve caught me in a ‘stream-of-consciousness’ style posting while I’m away on vacation 😃 Hawaii is amazing and I hope my posts bring more happy memories than sad. Look forward to getting to know you! 🌸🤙🏻

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