Poetry by Sarah, Tanka


Image credit James McGill via Unsplash

Preparing calm mind.
Managing stresses of life.
Feeling in control.
When in creeps anxiety;
with unwelcome surprises.

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Ramblings Of A Writer, Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge, Week 69 – Prepare and Surprises


18 thoughts on “Unwelcome”

  1. Haha! An interesting read! I love how English has the ability to bamboozle and confound even native speakers of the language! What hope do others have! Lol. I believe I have used it in the correct context!?!?

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      1. Well I am sure you have various tips and stuff – and there are usually many things at play – but two things to consider if you are stressed and have that GAD – get on a good mineral formula and a good bcomplex (I like trader joe minerals and LOVE this B-right formula from Jarrow- and it is cheap) anyhow – it can help your glands work better and they are the guardian for the body and it slow helps things fire and your limbic system needs support –

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      2. I have actually just started on a complex Vit B formula! Hopefully kicks in soon. I am finding acupuncture the Chinese herbs they have been giving me have been helping too…I’m slowly slowly getting better but it’s been a hell of a last six weeks 😐

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      3. ugh – that is a while and things with the body can be so hard because we all have so many different things going on. and usually not one easy answer – but the “sum” of the parts.
        oh and one of my favorite goodies this year (in supplements for the body) is l-acytel-carnitine – I use trader Joe’s one and it is cheap and powerful – i did not realize how crucial enzymes and amino acids were too – especially for those rebuilding their terrain.
        anyhow – wishing you a nice rest of your day (or evening)

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      4. Thank you so much for your advice. Definitely something that I can look into. I agree, that it’s usually a combination of things that help us regain our ‘balance’. Hope you have a nice rest of the day/evening too 😃

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      5. oh and it changes too – for example – it seemed like magnesium changed my entire body two years ago (check our Dr. Sircus) but this year I needed more calcium and a blend of calcium and zinc….
        and one last tip – and I get nothing for suggesting any of this – but what really helped me – and what I believe was the most important thing to help me fully get well (i had some weird mix of stuff) well it was a multiple vitamin from logos nutritionals – it is called “complete thymic formula” and omg – it helps your immune system kick butt.
        worth every penny and depends again on what we need – but I have also known dozens of folks get well with it

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