Photos by Sarah, Thursday Doors

Mt Buffalo Chalet

Often referred to as The Grande Old Dame of Victoria’s Alpine region, the Mount Buffalo Chalet is listed in the Victorian Heritage Register for its architectural, historical and social significance. Perched on the top of Bent’s Lookout, the breathtaking views stretch out over the famous Gorge. Built in 1910 by the Victorian Governemnt, the chalet was Australia’s first ski resort, and has served generations of skiiers, hikers and families over the years it operated.

The last few decades have seen the chalet lapse into disrepair however a conservation project has been started this year to restore and preserve the building for years to come.

Image credits By Sarah ©2017

You can find out more about the Mt Buffalo Chalet here…

Prompt: Daily Post Daily Prompt, gorge; and also; Norm 2.0, Thursday Doors – October 19, 2017

15 thoughts on “Mt Buffalo Chalet”

  1. I hope they can keep this nice place running – I heard it can be tough to make money at certain chalets and resorts….. and I enjoyed your doors – although feel a little lightheaded from the altitude – whew (jk)

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      1. yeah – that must be rough. even fake snow won’t be able to stand up…. But if they set up some activities it could make money. I have heard that some ski resorts here in Virginia make more money in the summer than they do int he winter 0 they have alpine slides and various summer stuff to keep things busyt.

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      2. Yes, I’m sure some creative thinking will help them make some money…it’s a unique and remarkable spot. If I had millions of dollars, I would take it on. Could see some potential as a day spa, meditation retreat, outdoor ed centre…

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