Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017

I Survived!

As the badge says, “I survived A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, 2017”. Whew! I made it! But more importantly, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the organiser of this event, Sammi Cox. She did an amazing job coming up with some really interesting and varied prompts, collating all the responses into indexes and took the time to read and appreciate participants’ responses. You should definitely check out, if you haven’t stumbled upon her site before.

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and wrote EVERY single day during September. I loved reading the other participants’ take on things and felt a sense of camaraderie with those who completed the challenge along with me.  I have collated all my responses as a new section in my blog menu if you are interested in reading my collection. Overall, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges was engaging and fun, and definitely something I would do again!

For now though, I am taking a week or so off from blogging and the weekly challenges I usually join in, so that I can regroup and refresh. I think my brain has become a little fatigued and overwhelmed, and I am also struggling again with my anxiety. So a break is most definitely in order!

I’m sure my motivation and inspiration will return, and I will see you all again soon!


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