Free Verse, Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Poetry by Sarah


In the beginning my heart was brave.
She asked “Is there anyone out there who will
love me ’til the end?”

An echo replied, “I will love you for a little while,
But I cannot promise eternity

Eventually, when my heart was cleaved in two.
She asked, “Will anyone love me,
when I am so  broken?”

The echo replied, “Nay.”

My heart realised that first,
she must love herself.
She put out the call, one last time.
“Is there anyone who will love me,
Just as I am?

This time, the echo,
Was an echo of her own words.
At last! My heart had found you.

And we both realised,
We had been looking
For each other all along.

By Sarah ©2017

Dedicated to my husband Darrell, on this, our fourth wedding anniversary.

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 16. Task: Write a poem on the theme of “echo”. Any length; and also, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Saturday Mix, Opposing Forces – 16 September 2017

15 thoughts on “Echo”

  1. Happy Anniversary. I love the stories you share about your life with him. Laughter and love make such a great combinations). Congratulations. How is your new group of cherubs (students) this year? You sure are busy. How you get time to blog is beyond me. My hat is off to you…. Have a nice weekend.

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    1. Thanks so much 😊 I’m in Australia so we are still in the same school year, same class 😊 sometimes I find it really hard to make time for blogging but I try and set aside specific times on certain days. Have a great weekend

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  2. Happy Anniversary — what a wonderful gift for you husband. When we let love just come to us, well . . . And loving yourself, so hard, is very important. Wishing you many, many, many more happy anniversaries. Sometimes we do meet who fate intends us to.

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