Stories by Sarah

Tiny House

People had warned them the housing market in Sydney would be tight on their budget – even in the outer suburbs.

But the tiny house movement appealed to the couple, because of its affordability and the environmental aspects of leaving a minimal footprint.

Disregarding the cynics, they paid $750,000 for their little ‘fixer upper’ and had already gotten to know their neighbours quite intimately…

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Only 100 Words, Three Line Tales, Week 84

11 thoughts on “Tiny House”

      1. yup, some places in Canada, it’s almost as absurd – not that tiny house are bad, but it’s this crazy idea of paying mental prices and it sits, wedged between old garage sheds in alleys – but such is the price of overpopulation, right? same thing with flats in London, etc. A world completely mental.

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