Month Of Mini Writing Challenges 2017, Scribblings by Sarah

Snail Mail

Image credit Clark Young

Tears smudged fresh ink on the paper. She replaced her quill, carefully blotted the damp patches; blowing on them until they were dry and sealed the letter. Her heart ached as she handed it on. The long process had begun again. It would be months before she would receive reply.

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Sammi Cox, A Month Of Mini Writing Challenges – 2 September 2017. Task: Write a story in 50 words that is set in the past.

12 thoughts on “Snail Mail”

      1. Oh gosh! I can only imagine how hard that would be. Hopefully he’s not away too often? My sister’s husband is in the army here in Australia and he has only done one overseas service.

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  1. Another entry I can relate to. Being in the Army and for most of that time away from home, but I was one of the lucky ones, for my contact with family and friends via mail was consistent. However, I witnessed many a broken heart of those who weren’t so lucky, and total devastation in those who when they did get mail it turned out to be a ‘Dear John’.


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