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Announcement: My New eBook Release Coming Soon! Get on the Mailing List!

Originally posted by Linda J. Wolff of Urban Poetry, she writes about her upcoming eBook. Linda’s poetry is beautiful, and she exhibits a craftsmanship with words that I aspire towards!

So, I was utterly thrilled to be chosen by her as the winner of one of her poetry competitions and a piece of my work will also feature in her book.

Check out her site, if you haven’t before. You won’t be disappointed…

Raqi Raccoon

My New eBook Release Coming Soon!

Image of Urban Pen Manuscript

Hi, My Beautiful fans!

As you all know and read my poetry every day! I wanted to thank you for your continued support. I am so entirely grateful! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have the inspiration to continue. I love all of you and your wonderful, supportive comments.

Over the past 6 months, I have been writing and compiling each and every piece of poetry into a manuscript. I have finally completed it! Whew! Thought I would never get to this point! I will offer it in an eBook to download and soft copy format.

I’ve named the poetry book “Urban Pen Poetry Series” it will come in a series of volumes.

  1.  Vol #1 – Time Pieces
  2.  Vol #2 – Awakening
  3.  Vol #3 – Journey

I’m offering my poetry in an eBook “Urban Pen – Volume 1: Time Pieces”, you will be able to find…

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