Poetry by Sarah, Tanka

Beyond The Undergrowth

Image credit By Sarah

Sometimes the right path
hides in the dense undergrowth;
asking to be sought
and dragged into clarity.
But when it finds you? Magic!

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge, #44 – hunt and find (I have used synonym ‘sought’ in place of hunt)

12 thoughts on “Beyond The Undergrowth”

  1. oh… yes its magic…
    there are many woodland paths
    hidden out of sight

    fairies guard them all…
    make a wish… just the one… look
    magic… secret paths revealed

    choose but just the one
    not happy, that’s liquid fun
    the leprechauns gold

    a tip… choose fun
    that’s happiness for you
    and everyone

    may all your days
    be happy ones, full of joy
    its what magic brings

    hear the fairies sing
    to bluebells ringing
    your day of magic

    sad its nearly done
    hark a fairy calls your name
    lend her your ear

    can you tell me
    what she had to say to you
    she’s left you a gift

    now that’s why a link
    she gave to me just in case
    you misunderstood

    there should be a pingback
    but just in case the link
    your gift

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