Poetry by Sarah, Tanka

Shallow Roots

there are some roots you
don’t want digging in too deep.
sitting in the chair,
waiting for the extraction,
be true…for my wisdom teeth!

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Ramblings of a Writer, Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 53, roots and wisdom; and also, Daily Post Daily Prompt, shallow


7 thoughts on “Shallow Roots”

  1. Haha love it, very true, something we have to go through, sadly many of us don’t have them for many years.
    Hope all your bite spots have recovered, I’m the same as you, it’s those mosquitoes, I have a lot of problems when they bite me.
    Hope you are having a great week recovering from the holiday.

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    1. I was fortunate my roots were very shallow and was able to have them extracted as any other tooth! All recovered from the bites. The joys of being sensitive hey!?! I had a fabulous time on my holidays on the north island. Such a beautiful and wonderful place you live in!

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