Scribblings by Sarah

Botswana Butchery

Located on Quay St in Auckland, right on the waterfront, I stumbled upon this little gem. Literally. Absolutely exhausted from my red-eye flight and biding time until I could check into my accommodation, I found myself at the quay.

Walking along I tripped over a crack in the pavement, looked up and noted the wicked cool doors on the place.

I read their sign advertising breakfast and knew that was just what I needed.

Taking refuge inside from the cold, fierce wind and stinging rain, I looked around. Pleased with what I saw. Plush chairs fit for kings and queens; inviting warm hues of brown, beige and black; and most importantly, staff with a welcoming smile.

I sat down, ordered an Eggs Benedict with a side of mushrooms and a long macchiato. Impressively, the staff knew what that was straight away. Even more impressively, it was good coffee. Damn good coffee.

By Sarah ©2017


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